A Journey to Kabani - The Heart of wilderness

Being a part of the Travel industry, I happened to travel many places and it is wonderful to go deep into nature through them. My recent visit to Wayanad was a bit different to my previous visits. This time, I had the opportunity to enter a beautiful footprint of Wayanad – Kabani. Before I detail about my experiences, I would like introduce a few facts about Kabani.

Named after the famous Kapila River, Kabani is the confluence of Panamaram and Mananthavady River. Flowing towards the East, The Kabani River joins river Kaveri at Tirumakudalu Narasipura in Karnataka. The river serves the entire living community as the major source of water for its domestic use and irrigation. Sargur in Heggadadevanakote of Mysore district is the township nearest to Kabani Dam and its reservoir. The Kabani dam and the associated reservoir are huge and big enough to fulfill the demands of 22 Villages spread across. During heavy rains & water currents, stability of water level is maintained with apportion of water with Sagaredoddakere and Upper Nugu Dams. Kabani Dam is beautiful, as it stretches to a length of 696 meters giving a sight of amaze every time.

My trip to Wayanad this time was in tune with an MNC Corporate, who had turned up for a guided leisure trip. They were 8 and had scheduled their trip starting from pick at Calicut Airport. The 9 hairpin turns to reach Wayanad were like mini roller coaster amidst of valleys. The trip in the beginning itself was a kick-start for us and piled up enthusiasm for the upcoming adventure.

Wayanad is a beautiful hill station of North Malabar in Kerala, famous for Tea plantations, Valleys & for sharing a part of Ancient Heritage. The famous 5* Resort - Vyhtiri Village was our first camping destination. After a splendid lunch, we proceeded to the unique ZIP LINE & FISH SPA - for cleansing of body in the most natural way. The blowing breeze and fragmentary rays of sun were like frozen dessert on a sunny day. The ambiance of greenery was just amazing. After having a final chill in and out of the Vythiri Village Resort, we decided to buckle up for our final destiny – KABANI and proceeded.

The buoyant weather was relaxing and exactly what our guests wanted to experience. Though all had loaded themselves with a heavy lunch, we could not resist ourselves from stopping and enjoying at a refreshment kiosk, the lovely Masala Chai’s were the best to indulge in. We wallowed through the sunny breeze, clicking pictures on the way to capture and take back memories for record. As it was getting dark, we had to switch to our final plan of finding our resort - The Orange County. It was bit tough for our driver to locate the resort, as we were misled few times. However, somehow we could manage to reach our resort by 8.30 p.m.

We all were tired and were starving to death. But the warm welcome followed by the lovely lavish spread of dinner course just drifted away all our worn out frame of mind. Everyone was allotted individual cottages made of mud and stone. The cozy room and the soft linens were the last we remembered and we all fell asleep….

Our next morning was as beautiful as expected. The infinity pool overlooking the Kabani River is noteworthy. After our breakfast, we were taken for the most awaited Jungle Safari to Nagarhole National Park. Unlike normal National Parks, it is easy to observe the wildlife here. We did not have to go much deep into the forest to find them. We could spot Elephant, Langoors, Bisons, Spotted Deer and many more such wonderful animals.

But the most amazing view was that of the Leopard on top a tree branch. We managed to zoom in and click pictures of it. Regardless of the fact that, we were filming a strong carnivore, we continued the filiming. But our excitement did not last long as the predator quietly woke up from its nap. The quantum of time spent there was awesome and my team had a great time. We returned to the resort. The team at service was remarkable at their job. The swiftness shown to fulfill every minute request cannot go unnoticed and has to be applauded. We had a boat ride in Kabani River arranged by the resort.

We could once again enjoy the site of animals across the river. Later all of us leisured with sports like Cricket & volleyball. By the end of the day, we had quite an interesting potpourri of moments, which will always drive us to come close to nature in Kabani with The Orange County Resort.

The next morning the Chef at the Orange County had packed us breakfast early, for my group had to leave from Bengaluru Airport in the morning hours. We bid goodbye to everyone with a promise to visit them soon in near future. With few stops on the way, to shop for savory and spices, we reached the Airport. I bid them adieu and thanked them for choosing Travel Division, Cochin, Kerala, India  as their travel partner. The three countable days extended me uncountable memories to treasure.




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