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 Ayurveda Treatment Packages available at Vythiri Resort

Vythiri Resort  
Welcome to Vythiri Resort. Where you are completely in harmony with nature. Untouched, unexplored and raw. Where, the ambience is exclusive, comfortable and refreshing. The cottages and huts are in the ethnic styles. Taking you back to an indigenous "tribal village" where simplicity and harmony reigned supreme. The climate is mildly cool, just fine - neither too cold, nor warm. Perfect. Its just like no other hill resort. All the time, its like having put your AC on to a comfortable cool. An old British Colonial retreat, Vythiri is a holiday waiting to be discovered and rediscovered. Always fresh, completely unspoiled. Come, enjoy the glory of paradise. By yourselves.

AYURVEDA Ayruveda, a holistic medical science, is believed to have evolved around 600 BC in India. The stress of this science is on the prevention of body ailments from happening and recurring and curing completely. This science relies on diagnosis of the bodys humours to achieve the favorable balance. Ayurveda is now recognized as a preferred for revitalizing the body and mind. At Vythiri Resort, therapies are prescribed only after a qualified Ayurveda physician has made a detailed examination of the person and his health history. Well-trained and qualified technicians administer the therapies under the supervision of the physicians. Guests should follow the routines suggested by the physician to derive maximum benefit from the programs.


Ayurveda Treatment Packages available at Vythiri Resort

The Vythiri Spa menu includes a wide array of classic and new treatments massages, scrubs, wraps, facials, various baths, foot and hand care, toning and firming. We also have fitness programs, fruit and vegetable juices and of course an extensive range of spa products for sale in our spa boutiques.Our treatments are specially developed to suit the purpose of relaxation for body and mind while on vacation. We have combined the best traditions of Ayurveda with Aroma Therapy and modern massage techniques to create a unique experience.We use only natural oils, scrubs and scents and our specially trained therapists give a soothing and unique massage.The pleasurable scents and the relaxing music will put the mind to rest and let your thoughts wander off while the massage therapy will relax your muscles and increase blood circulation. You will feel buoyant and energised afterwards.

Marma Body, Mind and Spirit Massage (90 minutes)
Exotic and highly therapeutic, this Ayurveda inspired massage using aromatic herbal Ayurveda oil, stimulates the Marmas, the body’s vital pressure points. Beginning with the balancing of the head Marmas, the body’s points are massaged with the therapist’s feet and then by hand. The treatment concludes with a healing, herbal body scrub followed by a warm shower. Provides a complete re-balancing of body, mind and spirit.

Serenity Full Body Massage (50 Mintues)

This full body pampering massage features a range of customised Aromatherapy oil blends to convey the healing, harmonising and rejuvenating properties of essential oils into the body through rhythmic touch.

Udvartina Herbal Body Scrub (30 minutes)

For a longer lasting suntan, shed those dead layers of skin with a thorough body exfoliation using an age-old Ayurveda formula renowned for its strong herbal antioxidants and antiseptic properties. This treatment cleanses and invigorates the body and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and saturated. Includes a relaxing scalp massage.

Anti-Stress Head Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 minutes)

This massage relieves soreness and stress-related tension. A totally relaxing massage concentrating on the neck and shoulders while relieving stress by using gentle acupressure on the scalp.

Padabhyanga Foot and Leg Massage (30 minutes)
Your feet will first be soothed in a bath of essential oils, followed by a revitalising foot and lower leg massage with herbal oil. This treatment incorporates pressure point therapy to stimulate, cleanse and balance the body’s internal organs. 

Honey – Sesame Body Glow (30 minutes)

The principle ingredients of this invigorating body treatment enjoy an age-old reputation as skin healers, softeners and moisturizers. Used in conjunction with each other, the ground sesame seed exfoliates; the sesame oil softens while the honey promotes new cell growth. Includes a relaxing scalp massage.

Special Ayurvedic Treatment Packages

Rejuvenation Therapy (3 days)

Abhyangam is a synchronized whole body massage with
medicated oils. The oils are chosen according to the individual patient’s condition. Abhyangam improves circulation, relaxes the muscles and increases skin texture. Along with Navarakizhi it improves all the bodily functions and is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing therapy.

Punarnava Therapy (5 days)
Punarnava Therapy is a de-stress therapy, the best antidote to the stresses and pressures of modern day living. It improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles, enhances metabolic activity and increases sexual vitality. It significantly improves skin texture and complexion. This 5-day package will provide a lot of relief to those suffering from neuro-muscular disorders, head epilepsy and insomnia. This comprehensive package relaxes, de-stresses and thoroughly revives the body.

Navachaitanya Therapy (21 days)
It gives a comprehensive effect on the individual leading to improvement in function, nourishment to skin and strength to muscles. Effective pain relieving method for muscles and joints. It gives good results in all kinds of back pain and other spinal disorders. It is also good for insomnia, stress and insanity.This helps to remove wrinkles and black marks, improves the skin tone and imparts a special glow to the face.

Slimming Therapy (14 days)
The 14-day Slimming Therapy will help you shed those unwanted pounds by getting rid of the excess fat and correcting hormonal imbalances that cause obesity. This Therapy combines massage, carefully prescribed internal medicines and a special vegetarian diet. It also cures general debility and revives the emaciated body. Reduced wrinkles and a soft and glowing complexion are the other visible benefits.

Beauty Care Therapy (7 days)
This program includes herbal oil massage, herbal steam bath, herbal facial and related treatments for the entire body. Our trained Ayurvedic doctor will recommend the suitable procedures according to the individual’s constitution. This package improves blood circulation and revitalizes the body. This therapy helps tone the body and leaves one with a soft and shiny complexion.

Purification Therapy (14 days)
Modern food habits, stressful daily routines and climatic and lifestyle variations can cause toxins to accumulate inside the body. This could lead to the imbalance of the Tridoshas (three basic physical energies). The Body Purification Therapy assists the body’s natural mechanism to get rid of these toxins. It cleanses and purifies the body and helps it regain the proper balance of Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water).

Spine and Neck Care Therapy (7 days)
This therapy includes treatments like Avagaham and Kativasthi. Avagaham: the entire body, except the head, is immersed in warm medicated fluids. Kativasthi: lukewarm herbal oil is slowly poured into a small receptacle of black gram dough that is placed on the lower back. This Therapy comes highly recommended for patients suffering from spondylosis, degenerative diseases of spine, intervertebral disc prolapse (IVDP), sciatica and stiffness. It alleviates pain and strengthens bone tissue.

Ayurveda Treatment Packages available at Vythiri Resort

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