Kerala Health Tourism

Medical Tourism

is the synergy between hospitals and the Tourism industry.The state is all set for a leap in medical tourism.More and more hospitals are joining hands with the tourism industry to benefit their services.The high priority for health in Kerala is bound to make this relatively new aspect of tourism into a multi crore industry in future.

Kerala is already being marketed as a popular health destination for its famous ayurveda health packages.Medical tourism is marketed alongwith ayurveda and other health packages.Major hospitals are joining hands with the govt in promoting medical tourism.Health insurance companies are beginning to play a major role in medical tourism.Globalisation and economic liberalization have given a boost to the medical service sector,especially in Kerala.The medical treatment for various packages form part of recuperative leisure packages at world class tourist resorts.Airport pickup,hotel accommodation,transportation,food,etc are offered along with medical treatment at the best hospitals.

Huge potential

Kerala is ideally suited for medical tourism because of its moderate weather throughout the year,advanced hospitals with worldclass facilities,renowned doctors specialized in major disciplines,trained para medical staff and technicians,and  international connectivity.Besides,Kerala also enjoys definite advantages such as the high standard of hygiene that is maintained,the already well developed tourism industry with its high quality resorts and hotels,competitive costs for packages of medical treatment, and ideal locations for a relaxing holiday.

The industry offers attractive medical tourism packages at reasonable rates.They are marketed efficiently and are brought to the customers by the tourism industry through tour operators who sell them as holiday packages according to the convenience of the patients.The tourism department has played a pioneering role in promoting Kerala as a major destination in medical tourism in the international market.

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