Ayurveda Packages

 Ayurveda Treatment Packages available at Parathuvayalil Hospital

In the year 1955 Late Paulose Vaidyan a luminary in ayurvedic treatment established a small 4 bedded nursing home at Keezhillam a suburb near Perumbavoor, Ernakulam District, Kerala. Paulose Vaidyans fame spread throughout Kerala by his dedicated service to the patients. He was the last resort to the patients suffering from orthopaedic ailments at that time in which the facility for orthopaedic surgery was very rare. Traveling through the leap and bounds hospital grew step by step to reach the present status of 100 bedded Multi Specialty Ayurvedic Hospital with all modern amenities.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the most ancient form of medicine in the world, and the forerunner of all other great systems of medicine. Ayurveda literally means knowledge of life, and its guiding principles are believed to have been handed down from the Hindu gods to the great seers. The written texts of ayurveda date back 3,500 years and the incredibly complex and advanced concept that embody them still form the basis of much Indian medicine today.

The Principles of Ayurveda
In ayurvedic philosophy, everything in the universe is composed of five elements, the Panchamahabhutas. These combine into three doshas (the tridoshas) or bio-energetic forces that govern our health and determine our prakrti, or physical constitution. The three gunas- or psychic forces- determine our mental and spiritual health. Ayurveda is a holistic system of health care that teaches us to balance these energies in order to achieve optimum health and well being and to preserve life.

Accommodation & Food
Rooms are spacious, elegantly designed and maintained meticulously neat. A 3000 Ltrs capacity solar water heater provides warm water round the clock. A/C room ,therapy room, annexed rooms and rooms with channel television are also provided. Channel music to sooth the mind of the patient is provided. Food is very important during Ayurvedic treatment. A special diet containing sufficient calories is given to each patients after ascertaining their food habits, nature of diseases etc.

A small but beautiful prayer hall is arranged in the hospital for the spiritual satisfaction of the patient. All patients irrespective of cast cab utilize this prayer hall. Morning and evening prayers, Holy Mass are the daily routine of this hospital.

Natural Ambience
Keezhillam is a very beautiful place. Hospital is situated in the bank of Periyar valley high level canal, which nourishes the entire Keezhillam. Temple, Church and Mosque which are near by can be utilized by the interested patients.

Ayurveda Treatment Packages available at Parathuvayalil Hospital

Marma Chikitsa

The Therapy of the Marmas or Vital Parts of the Body.

Unique features
->Dislocation of shoulder, ankle, knee etc. can be corrected by manipulative methods without surgical intervention.
->Disc prolapse, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder etc. can be corrected non- surgically.
->Paralysis and musculo-skeletal deformities can be corrected by sustained therapeutic procedures of marmachikilsa.
->Various injuries or trauma to marmas may lead to so many complications. Special treatment to these injuries and complications, including treatment for head injury are available in this department.

Kaya Chikitsa
This is the Department of General Medicine in Ayurveda 

Unique features
Kayachikilsa is the best treatment for chronic ailments like rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, amavata, chronic skin ailments like psoriasis, chronic fever of different etiology diarrhoea, dysentery, jaundice, diabetes, piles, anaemia, diseases affecting kidney and heart.For chronic ailments Kayachikilsa is the best option, because it not only has high efficacy, but also is free from catastrophic after- effects of long term use of chemicals for such chronic ailments.Kayachikilsa by patient perseverance has shown dramatic recovery from seemingly hopeless chronic afflictions.We have specially designed pizhichil machine to conduct pizhichil - a treatment very effective in all rheumatic conditions. This machine is designed and fabricated by Dr. Pathrose after years of research work in 1998. The procedure of pizhichil is being carried out using this machine very effectively and efficiently with out effecting any fundamental principals of ayurveda. Continuous flow of oil, filtering of oil in every circulations, thermostatically controlled heat are the main advantage of machine over the old conventional method.                         

Ayurveda Treatment Packages available at Parathuvayalil Hospital

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