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Oaks Residency - Bekal - Kerala


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Oaks Residency, Bekal, Kerala, India

We’ve been expecting you! We know what it means to come from a long and tiring trip and too long for a warm, genuine welcome, accompanied by the option to have quiet and comfortable dining, a comfortable and a premium to relax on. If you enjoy being pampered with luxury, you have come to the right place.Families, frequent travelers, and business people love us too. We’ve been grateful enough to be hosts for several essential personalities.Our appeal to such a wide range of clientele might have to do with our attention to detail, our keenness on keeping luxuriousness consistent throughout our property, and our location choice.Situated right between the world-famous Bekal fort and Bekal beach, you won’t find a better hotel than ours.Come on in. We’re here to make you feel at home and to introduce you to luxury.


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