Lulu convention center

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This multi-faceted venue offers a number of variations and facilities for conferences and seminars of any scale. Be it small meetings, or large scale conferences or seminars, LuLu offers complete event-management solution with its team of professionals. The state-of-the-art audio and video setup is apt for any and every requirment like AGMs, Medical conferences and seminars and more along the lines of corporate meetings. Separate halls for different sessions, banquet facility for gala dinner, cultural programmes for entertainment are all available on request.


The tertiary hall itself is around 14000 sq. ft., while the flexi-halls can be converted into three different halls. Two more a/c banquet halls bring the area to around 17000 sq. ft. Exhibtions take a life of its own here. Different venues, different options for any kind of product or product display. The open air courtyard also becomes another venue for the exhibtions. Complete assistance for event management solutions are provided here.


Weddings in Kerala defy imagination, as people try out everything different to enhance the event and make it memorable. From elephants to palaquins to chariots for the newly- wed, it is all available here. Sadya, Exquisite Buffets, Theme counters and settings, name your choice and LuLu provides it. Complete wedding management is taken care of by the able and spirited team of LuLu ICC and Garden Hotels. Singers and of national stature for orchestra, fireworks, fusion music, lighting, panchavadyam, live counters, and more make every wedding a celebration of the highest order. The impeccable hospitality and unsurpassable service are the icing on the cake for every wedding that takes place at LuLu ICC.

Product launch

The launch of a new product, a new company, a new brand becomes the celebration of the birth of an idea at LuLu ICC. The event gains a grandeur and the occasion a splendour that wouldn't be possible anywhere else. The venues for enhancing celebrations are plenty, with the massive space available. Corporate affairs gain a life of their own and a standard that elevates the brand, the company, the team and the idea. With the able support of the LuLu team you will never run short of ideas to make sure that the launch happens with resoundin bang which will remain etched in the minds of the onlookers.

Event shows

The grander the venue, the greater the impact. Award nights, Plays, Musical nights, Dance Performances, DJ nights, Movie launches - every event becomes a grand celebration at LuLu ICC. Host to a number of upscale events and gala nights, LuLu ICC as a venue itself contributes to elevate the standard of any and every event. Today LuLu is one of the most sought-after venue for events for the assurance that it will add to the grandeur and splendour of an exemplified event.


The best MICE destination of India featuring flexi halls, and ample space for simultaneous presentations and seminars, this is the hot spot for conferences. The grandeur serves to enhance the impact and make every conference of national or international stature a memorable one. The latest state-of-the-art AV facilities and tech support make sure that every conference is a success. From basic theatre style to class room style seating and space galore for a break from business, be it a gala dinner or an evening of entertainment, LuLu ICC has it all.