Silent Valley Factfile

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By Air: Distance from Kozhikode -140 km; Coimbatore - 100 km

By Rail: Distance from Palakkad - 58 km; Coimbatore - 90 km

By Road: Distance from Coimbatore via Anakkatty - Mukkali - 90km

Distance from Coimbatore via Palakkad - Mannarkkad - Mukkali - 120km

Distance from Kozhikode via Palakkad - Mannarkkad - Mukkali - 120km


The climate is tropical with summer rains constituting the bulk of the precipitation. Average minimum temperature varies from 8º to 14ºC and average maximum temperature varies from 23º to 29ºC . The hottest months are April and May when the mean temperature is 23 °C and the coolest months are January and February when the mean temperature is 18o C. Annual average rainfall is 2717 to 4543 mm.


The terrain is generally undulating with steep escarpments and many hillocks. The elevation ranges from 900 M to 2,300 M above MSL with the highest peak at 2,383 M, named Anginda peak.


The best time to visit the place is during the months between September and March.