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Kodanad is a beautiful rural riverside village and a popular day picnic spot in the Ernakulam district of state of Kerala in southern India. Elephant rescue and care centre for central and southern forest region of Kerala is located in Kodanad. Kodanad is situated on the south bank of river Periyar, about 42 kilometers east of Kochi (Cochin) city.

Kodanad is known for its Elephant Kraal, elephant rescue centre, mini zoo and its access via river boats to the seasonal pilgrimage centre of Malayattoor. Malayatoor church and Kodanad are located on the opposite banks of the Periyar river with unspoilt and rustic views of surroundings. Kodanads locality attracts visitors, film crews, foreign tourists all around the year. There are many walkways alongside the river and they offer a unique experience to the visitors.

Kodanad is the only elephant rescue and training centre in Kerala specialised for rescuing and training stranded baby elephants from the forest regions across Kerala. Kodanad also offers elephant safari to visitors. Elephants are made ready with a specially constructed wooden saddle on top, designed to make the riding comfortable and safe. At Kodanad, the old Kraal is still maintained and is still used to house elephants. The Kraal is a tall structure made of wood compartments that can accommodate up to 4 elephants. The mini zoo shelters wild animals which have become unfit for survival in the local forest and some inmates of the zoo are very rare species.

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