General Information about Kerala State, India

Location : Kerala, India

Area : 38,863

Population : 34.8 million (2012)

Capital : Trivandrum

Language : Malayalam

Literacy : 100% (appr.)

Climate : Tropical

Clothing : Light cottons

India`s most idyllic state, Kerala, better known as Gods Own Country, is today one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. Secluded beaches, palm-fringed backwaters, mist-clad hill stations,lush tropical forests, cascading waterfalls, exotic wildlife, majestic monuments, fine art forms and enchanting festivals give it a distinctive charm. Apart from being a tourist destination, Kerala is home toIndias most advanced society. 100% literate, the State has Indias highest density of Science and Technology personnel,highest Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI ),highest life expectancy and the lowest infant mortality rate. Kerala to be sure, isIndias cleanest and the most peaceful State. Tourism is Kerala`s boon industry.

Strategically located at the south western tip of India, Kerala enjoys unique geographic features which have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.As a destination, Kerala can attract the independent traveller with its unique qualities like the pristine environment, the rich and vibrant culture and the high quality of life among the local inhabitants brought about by the states investments since Independence in the fields of education, health care, institutions of democracy, social justice etc. The state is also endowed withunique natural, cultural and social resources.

10 Reasons why Kerala is truely gods own country

NATURALLY BLESSED: Kerala has unique geographic features made up of misty hill stations, emerald green valleys, lush eco-tourism locales, refreshing waterfalls, numerous rivers, network of lagoons, natural harbours, jungles with exotic flora and fauna, and more – all of which remain evergreen attractions to the travel enthusiast.




EQUABLE CLIMATE: Kerala maintains a pleasant, tropical climate throughout the year, with slight variations in summer and winter; the cool monsoon months in between form a unique feature; it’s windy in the coastal areas, with the sea-breeze blowing regularly during noontime.




QUALITY OF LIFE: The state has a commendable record in terms of the levels of female literacy, health & hygiene, infant mortality and life expectancy, all of which are indicative of its high PQLI.




AYURVEDA: The state is noted for its traditional system of holistic healing using herbs and medicinal oils, manifested in its exclusive ayurveda wellness packages that serve to soothen the nerves and replenish the body.




NATURE EXPERIENCE: Kerala offers a true feel of nature at its best - swaying palm trees, undulating paddy fields, winding backwaters, dreamy kettuvallam rides, delicious local cuisine - all reflecting the serenity of the countryside and offering a one-of-a-kind ambience.




ART REPERTOIRE: Kerala is a treasure trove of ancient and enchanting art forms ranging from classic to folk, that are showcased during fairs and festivals connected with local places of worship.




CULTURAL INTEGRATION: Kerala possesses a rich cultural milieu comprising religious, artistic, literary and socio-cultural elements belonging to perse backgrounds; its culture has been influenced by its history and tradition; the state has served as a melting pot for oriental and occidental cultures.




HERITAGE VALUE: The state is known for its several heritage zones and historic places housing ancient structures of vintage value and famous monuments serving as relics of a glorious past.




RELIGIOUS HARMONY: Kerala has been in the forefront of communal and religious harmony, imbibing all categories of faiths, beliefs and customs in its fold from time immemorial.




CONTEMPORARY HUB: The people of the state follow a lifestyle blending tradition with modernity; the metro pockets are hip hangouts for the modern minded; the state is dotted with adventure hotspots for trekking, rock-climbing, wind-surfing, paragliding etc.