Health & Medical Care

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Kerala has a long history of organized healthcare. As per documents, by the time the state was formed in 1956, the foundation for a medical care system accessible to all citizens was already laid. The easy accessibility and coverage of medical care facilities has played a dominant role in shaping the health status of Kerala. Some of the hospitals in Kerala are more than 50 years old. Health had been a major area of spending in the budget from early years in Kerala.

 The annual growth rate of Government healthcare expenditure has been showing a steady increase. Indias first ever Human Development Report published in 2002, placed the Southern state of Kerala on top of all the other states in India, because of easy accessibility and coverage of medical care facilities.

 High level of education especially among women and greater health consciousness have played a key role in the attainment of good health standards in Kerala.Today, with the mushrooming of private hospitals that offer quality services matching international standards, and with the tie up of the healthcare industry with the tourism sector, healthcare in Kerala is growing by leaps and bounds.

Kerala is one state where the health sector has been impacted by both indigenous and western systems of medicine.