Literacy & Education

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Kerala was declared a Fully Literate State in 1991 and is the only state in India where over 90% of the people can read and write, thanks to the free and compulsory education provided to all children up to the age of 14 years. Apart from this, the Kerala government is taking every possible step to improve the quality and standard of education in the state.

 Kerala stands first among other Indian states in literacy. Recognizing the need for a literate population and provision of elementary education as a crucial input for nation building, the state government with the backing of the central government, has launched a number of educational development activities over the past years to encourage elementary education in Kerala.

Besides, a number of government organizations and voluntary associations under various schemes and services conduct classes for the illiterate adults. The literacy rate in the urban areas is slightly greater than in the rural areas. There are also a number of private educational institutions including schools, colleges and training centres contributing to quality educational services within the state.

In this context, due to overall increased awareness, Kerala has an enviable track record in terms of its levels of literacy, health & hygiene, female – male ratio, infant mortality and average life expectancy.