Unique Featues of Kerala

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What’s so attractive about Kerala that makes it the one and only god’s own country in India and the world? Kerala is the tourist location of a lifetime, rated as one of the ten best destinations in Asia and one among the fifty must-see places of the world.

One of the fastest growing tourist states in the country, Kerala is a haven of unique geographical features that offer overwhelmingly memorable nature experiences. This narrow strip of land situated at the south western coast of the country is the scenic land of coconut trees, cool backwaters, lush hills, green landscape, and soothing ayurveda – a state of natural splendour.

The state is a fine blend of the classic and the contemporary, offering a wonderful kaleidoscope of fascinating history, rich culture, unique architecture, interesting customs

and more. Its intricately woven tapestry is made up of picturesque hill stations, meandering lagoons, jungle waterfalls, rejuvenating ayurvedic packages, spicy sea food, exotic wildlife, vibrant art forms, dynamic boat races, sacred pilgrimage places and so on.

From the tourism point of view, the adventurous traveler in Kerala can indulge in numerous outdoor activities such as swimming, sea-surfing and water-sporting along beaches shorelining the Arabian Sea, paragliding over the lofty hills of the western ghats, and staying atop trees inside thick jungles ; other options include leisure-cruising in cozy houseboats in the blue-green backwaters and luxury cruise tourism, engaging in cooking and farming alongwith the hosts at a pleasant homestay, getting entertained at the local fair, watching the colourful art forms unfold at the temple festival; giving in to the relaxing feel at the ayurvedic spa etc.

Kerala has a distinct and diverse cultural background. The rich history and religion of the state has been finely integrated into the culture and lifestyle of the Malayalees. Kerala is one of the cosmopolitan, secular and peace loving states of the country. The state has given amazing religious liberty to all its faiths, encouraging tolerance and even acceptance of religious and cultural aspects from various forms of belief and worship. Thus Kerala stands as a model for unity in diversity of different religions and cultures.

 A flourishing market of spices, the fertile golden land of Kerala was once called upon for trade by the ships from all continents to collect the valuables and riches that the land possessed in the form of spices, condiments, coconuts, sandalwood, oils, medicinal herbs, perfumes and so on.

 Kerala has served as a treasure house of several ancient, ethnic and vibrant art forms and cultural, religious fairs, festivals and conventions associated with the local places of worship. The erstwhile rulers of the state made it a point to encourage religious liberty, offering patronage to an assortment of faiths and communities. The festivals of Kerala are symbolic of the spirit of its people encapsulating communal harmony. Filled with merriment, enthusiasm and team spirit, they are social occasions that bring together people belonging to various cultures and backgrounds.

 This tolerance of cultural values has been a striking feature of Kerala that has persisted throughout the centuries. The state has incorporated the highest levels of collective human achievement in all aspects of life, representing the best in the fields of Art, Language, Culture, Healthcare, Religion and Philosophy.

 With dreamy cruises in the serene backwaters, sparkling palm-fringed beaches, green-carpeted rolling hills, exotic wild life sanctuaries, soft gleaming white sands, unending stretches of turquoise blue water, tall palm groves, lush green woods, sprawling plantations, panoramic views of sleepy little villages, therapeutic ayurvedic massages, age-old martial art forms, dynamic boat races, amazing spectacles of rural life, a wealth of ancient culture and heritage, and much more to offer, the travel enthusiast gets to discover the sheer magic in God’s own country, the land of natural surprises.

 Little wonder then that Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world today.