Fairs, Festivals & Folk Arts

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The varied culture of the state has given expression to a colorful mosaic of socio-religious festivals and fairs which are occasions of joy and merriment indulged in by the people. The spirit of celebration is very much a part of the ethos of the state of Kerala  and there are so many festivals and celebrations taking place in the state, cutting across all sections of society. Tourists and travelers to Kerala will find it a delightful experience to be part of the crowd during these happy occasions.

Classical and folk music/dance performances, religious festivals, cultural pageants, elephant processions, percussion presentations, theatre and stage shows, street plays, floral decorations, water carnivals, firework displays, traditional rituals, and many more form part of the rich repertoire of the artistic and cultural heritage of Kerala.The fairs and festivals of Kerala, especially those associated with the local places of worship, give the best opportunity to display the traditional performing arts and the delicious cuisine of the land.