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Attractions in MarayoorThe road from Rajamala to Marayoor is flanked by lush green tea estates. There are occasional waterfalls which add to the sandalwood forest. The air is cool and it comes under the rain shadow area. A major tourist spot is the Muniyaras, or the stone coffins, which date back to the Neolithic period. The stone coffins are everywhere - they are stone slabs resembling crudely- made boxes, resting on vertical rocks. Descending the hill, one can see cane crops dancing in the wind.

A children's park formed under the canopy of a single Banyan tree spreads across a hectare of land and is a wonderful sight. Then there is the Thoovanam Waterfalls where one can spend endless hours romancing with nature. The Rajiv Gandhi National Park nearby is also an attraction.

Sandalwood forest

Sandalwood forest in marayoorMarayoor is the only place in Kerala with a natural growth of sandalwood trees. The sandalwood factory run by the Forest Department is of tourist interest. A reduced amount of rainfall is ideally suited for the abundant growth of the best sandalwood trees in the country. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the roots and wood of sandalwood (Santalum album) trees. The sandalwood oil otherwise called the "liquid gold" is a popular perfume, especially among the elite.

Located around 40 kilometres from Munnar this Sandalwood Forest has almost 65000 trees and the sandal got from this place is considered to be the best. The tourists can also get to learn more about this process from the Sandalwood Regeneration Experimental Plot.


Muniyara in marayoorAlso located around 40 kilometres from Munnar at Marayoor, the muniyaras or stone coffins date back to the Neolithic period (around 10,200 BC). These coffins were made of four stones which were placed on the edges and a fifth stone called cap stone covered the top of these coffins. These burial chambers spread over a vast area in the slopes of the mountain range of Western Ghats in Idukki.

The legendary wanderings of Rama and Sita and the Pandavas are clearly depicted here. Caves, paintings and underground tunnels are also found here. This place is a heaven for anthropologists and archaeologists.

Thoovanam waterfalls

Thoovanam waterfalls MarayoorThe spectacular Thoovanam waterfalls provides venue for adventure and romance. Visitors will enjoy the beauty and freshness of this ideal picnic spot. Being located inside the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is perfect to go on a trekking trail. There are chances that you can come across some of the exotic wildlife of this place. This waterfall is formed from the Pambar River, which originates from the Anamudi Hills.

It is located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Marayoor and 50 kilometres from the hill station of Munnar.

Neelakurinji flowers

Neelakurinji flowers The rare Neelakurinji (Blue Flower) is native to this region. Neelakurinji is an exotic flowering plant that paints the hills blue when it blossoms once every 12 years. This blooming happens on the hill slopes of Munnar especially at Rajamala, Iravikulam National Park, Kadavari. The Iravikulam National Park is also home to the endangered species of mountain goats called the Nilgiri Thar.

The last blooming happened in 2006. This blooming happens around the month of August and can last up to the end of October. The next blooming is slated to happen in the year 2018.

Childrens park

The Rajiv Gandhi Children's Park at Marayoor is an apt location for your children to enjoy. The speciality of this park is that it is formed under the canopy of a single Banyan tree that spreads across a hectare of land. This is really a wonderful sight to see. This place offers a warm and peaceful atmosphere that would definitely provide a relaxation to your nerves.

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