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Pathanamthitta is a district in the state of Kerala that is famous for its natural beauty, fairs and festivals. A Tour to Pathanamthitta gives you the wonderful chance to view nature at its very best. The vast stretches of forests, the meandering rivers and the rural topography combine to create an irresistible charm.

Pathanamthitta was formerly under the rule of a Pandalam king which had links with the Pandya kingdom. It derives its name from two words - Pathanam and Thitta. The meanings of the words are a cluster of houses by the river side. A large variety of vegetables and spices are cultivated in the fertile lands of this land locked district. There are a large number of rubber plantations as well.

A Tour to Pathanamthitta is sure going to be a visual treat because of its scenic beauty. But in addition to that there are many interesting historical places in this district as well. It is recognized as the headquarters of pilgrimage tourism in the state of Kerala. The Cultural Tourism Programme, a joint initiative of the Union Ministry of Tourism and the United Nations development Programme has included Pathanamthitta in this prestigious project.

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