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Kanjirapally, a little town on the foothills of the Western Ghats of Kerala, India, is a tribute to the pioneering nature of the intrepid planter and the free spirit of enterprise. This beautiful town resplendent in greenery and plantations, exudes an old world ambience in a fast moving world.

There is also considerable importance attached to Kanjirapally both historically as well as culturally. This place is rightly described as "the Queen of Malanad (The Land of Mountains)" and "the Gateway of Malanad". The name Kanjirapally is probably linked to the tree Kanjiram, once abundant in these places. The geographical position of Kanjirapally ensured that from ancient times it served as an excellent trade junction among the commercial centres of the east and the west.

Indigenous to India, pepper, rightly called the King of Spices, is one of the oldest and best-known spices in the world. India and especially Kerala has always reigned supreme in the production and export of this most exotic and sought-after spice Pepper. Indian pepper had a profound influence on the European economy of the Middle Ages. Many western countries owed their prosperity to this spice which fetched them a very high price. Easily the finest in quality anywhere, Indian pepper is grown in the monsoon forests along the Malabar coast of Kerala in South India.

Here, a combination of natural advantages and organic techniques produces bigger, better-shaped, more aromatic and flavorful berries. Two of the most celebrated trade varieties of Indian black pepper are Malabar Garbled and Tellichery Extra Bold. India also offers green pepper in several processed forms - frozen, dehydrated, freeze-dried and packed in brine. The Pepper plant is a perennial climber whose corns have culinary as well as medical benefit and which are are exported to many countries.

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