Kerala Spices

Spices constitute a variety of ungent aromatic vegetable substances used for flavoring food. In ancient times, traders from all over the world sailed hundreds of miles to imort Spices from India and esecially Kerala. Even today, Spices roduced in the state hold much oularity throughout the world because of their variety and quality. Moreover, they also have medicinal values that are useful in certain diseases.

Kerala is a land of Spices. The climate of the state is suitable for a variety of Spices. Spices constitute an imortant grou of the states agricultural commodities which are virtually indisensable in the culinary art. In India, Spices are imortant commercial cros from the oint of view of both domestic consumtion and exort.And thanks to spice tourism,the spice industry is doing very well in Kerala.

It is said that all the states of India roduce at least one spice in their resective region. Kerala, in articular, roduces a whole lot of these Spices in its verdant atches of hilly areas. Roaming around these spice lantations, you will feel the aroma transort you to another world. Also, amle facilities are available to make you comfortable while you are on a spice tour in Kerala. Some of the lantations have guest houses to rovide accommodation while at others you can ut u with the owner and his family.

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