Kerala People and Lifestyle

The people of Kerala are the most simple and down to earth people.They like to live in their own world of simplicity and originality. They are known as "keralites", since they are natives of Kerala.The people of Kerala are very protective about their religion and ancient practices,rituals and traditions. They are proud of their culture and will go to any lengths to preserve them. The lifestyle of Keralites is uncomplicated and they seem happy and content with the simple pleasures of life.

The people of Kerala speak Malayalam. These people emphasize much on education and make it a point to ensure that the younger generation knows the religious teachings of their culture.The Keralites also are very progressive in terms of cleanliness,healthcare and physical quality of life.Most people are conversant in English and make it a point that their kids receive education at least till the primary level.

The people of Kerala dress very ordinarily. They do not believe in showing off. The Malayaly way of life is  unassuming.They are content with the quality of life they lead.Regarding food,they are very particular about their health and are conscious about sticking to a balanced diet. They seek mental satisfaction more than materialistic pleasures. The women dress up in the traditional unique attire called Set Mundu, which requires draping skillfully two pieces of long cloth on oneself,the dress being somewhat similar to a sari,worn over a blouse.The men mostly wear white mundu (dhoti) with a shirt or a cotton "lungi" (a sarong like dress) with a towel on top. The men in cities wear pants and shirts,and the women,saris. The younger generation follows fashion and wear anything from jeans to salwar kameez.

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