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In earlier days a large scale of migration happened from other parts of Kerala and from the neighboring Tamilnadu, to the district. That is the reason why Idukki is having a mixed culture.

Idukki is the second largest place in Kerala where the most number of scheduled tribes exist. There are 245 tribal settlements in the district of which 74 are in Thodupuzha; 11 in Peermedu; 126 in Devikulam and 34 in Udumbanchola taluks. Almost all the scheduled tribes are living in the extreme remote hilly banks and in the deep interiors of thickly growing forests of this district. According to the latest census the number of tribal families inhabiting in the district is around 11516.

The hill people have unique tribal customs and hereditary traditions.Like they have a king and still continue to honor the kingship. They stay mainly in the forest inland and government allotted plots. When the government banned the deforestation, these families made a great evacuation to the civilized places and are forced to restrict themselves in the allotted plots. But even in this situation, they have tried to maintain their own culture. For their livelihood they work in the allotted farmlands, they collect forest products, they do manual labor and cattle breeding which are their main occupations.

Their literacy rate is very low in comparison to the national literacy rate. One of the notable features of the tribal people of Idukki is that they lend their farm to the rich people and do manual labor in their own plots. Their economic stability and fundamental needs for a nominal living are below average and it is found that the surroundings are very pitiful and degrading if we make an honest evaluation. It is shocking to see that some of these men and women are over addicted to liquor and other intoxicants, and they live a totally unhygienic life. Most of them do not have a stable residence or the basic needs for a good living. However the non tribal category of people residing in Idukki district are all doing well as manual labourers, mechanics, auto drivers etc.

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