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Kannoor is essentially an agrarian district with agriculture forming the backbone of economic activity. However, steps are being taken to improve the industrial infrastructure and to open up Kannoor as an exciting tourist destination.The people of Kannur are the most friendly and hospitable people in the whole of Kerala.As for Kannur cuisine, it is simply delicious and lip smacking, especially the sweets they prepare.

A vast majority of the population of the district are dependent directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown in the district are paddy, coconut, pepper, cashew, tapioca, arecanut and plantation crops like rubber. Paddy occupies the largest area among annual crops. The first crop of paddy is mostly wet land crop (monsoon crop) and it covers twice the area under the second crop and four times the area under the summer crop.

As for education, there are three Kendriya Vidalyas (Central Schools) one each at Kannur, Payyannur and Mangattuparamba. In the higher education field, there are 11 Arts & science colleges, 8 Higher secondary schools., 14 Vocational Higher secondary schools, 4 Technical High schools, 4 Teacher training centers (for B.ED course) and 3 Polytechnics schools.. The district has a Govt. engineering college at Thaliparamba, an Ayurveda college at Kannur and a Medical college at Pariyaram.

Kannoor has played a prominent part in the freedom struggle against the British.The Salt Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi found its echo on the beaches of Payyannur. Kannoor also was the region from where the Communist movement in Kerala really took roots under A K Gopalan. This movement finally culminated with Kerala electing the first communist Government not present anywhere else in the world. Even today, Kannoor remains a stronghold of the Communists and many notable leaders of the present Government are residents of this district.

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