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The Kozhikode backwaters are a promise to the tourist; the promise of a holiday on historic lands, on serene waters, with a view of the plush blue green landscape and the exotic flora and fauna of the region. The Kozhikode backwaters is a stretch of lucid cool waterways in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. The easiest route to Kozhikode would be through the nearest airport at Karipur, 23 km from Kozhikode city. Daily flight services to national destinations such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and international places such as Sharjah in the Middle East maintain easy access to this much favored tourist destination. Kozhikode backwaters are easily accessible by road and rail links from the major cities in Kerala and in India.

Bird watching

The unvitiated, virgin backwaters of Kozhikode are fascinating and bewitching in the sense that they intoxicate your senses and the wilderness, the serenity and the romance will cast you into a dreamy torpor. Seething with waters from the Elathur canal, the Canolly canal and the Kallai river, these backwaters are perfect for boating and houseboat cruises.Sailing along the Pookot fresh water lake is an enjoyable experience.

Kadalundi, located 25 km from Kozhikode town, is a beautiful bird sanctuary near the backwater destination of Kozhikode that attracts nature lovers. Those who take immense pleasure in bird-watching spend hours here trying to spot the elusive birds and believe that even a glimpse of bright plumage is worth days and hours of patient gazing through their binoculars. Innumerable water birds migrate to the cool banks of the estuary in this bird sanctuary near Kozhikode backwater destination during winter and spring (November-April). These include herons, seagulls, larids, sandpipers and other shore birds.

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