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The Eco Tourism destination of Thenmala, Kerala encompasses a cultural and natural richness. Eco tourism implies being sensitive to ones surroundings and customs. This means that tourists must be aware of the need to protect the environment from being eroded by the fast pace of development. Eco Tourism also means opening up different places for visit and in the process generate employment and business.

Thenmala in Kerala as a tourist destination has immense scope and potential for eco tourism.The greenery that abounds in the eco tourism destination of Thenmala in Kerala is not only relaxing but also refreshing. Theres no other better way to revive your spirits than to roam around in the green patches of eco–tourist friendly Thenmala, Kerala. In fact, the Western Ghats that borders Kerala on its eastern side has been declared one of the 25 green spots in the world that despite covering a meagre 1.4% of the land surface, provide shelter to 60% of the worlds plant, bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian species.

Eco tourism resorts are fast gaining popularity amongst eco tourists for the simple reason that they allow the travelers to get close to nature while enjoying the luxuries of a star category resort. There are a few class eco resorts in Thenmala, Kerala where one can enjoy a fresh whiff of air laden with aromatic fragrance of flowers while sipping in warm cups of coffee, have breakfast listening to the mellifluous tunes of birds and take a walk around the resort to feel the best of both worlds.

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