Munnar Trip

The first spot that all of us think about when we plan to take a journey within Kerala, India is Munnar. If you're oblivious, we're discussing one of India's most well-known tourist destinations. In fact, it is so well-liked that you may see it in numerous Bollywood films, Kerala postcards, and virtually every travel blog about Kerala. It is situated at an elevation of more than 1500 metres above sea level in Kerala's Idukki district, in the Western Ghats. Having said that, Munnar, Kerala is your best option if you want to experience lovely weather in Kerala.

It is a demanding yet fun endeavour to plan a trip. Our vacation was organised by Kerala dot com Travel Division. We had nothing to be concerned about. Everything was handled properly from the beginning to the end. The entire drive to Munnar, Kerala is filled with beautiful scenery and breath-taking vistas. We didn’t forget to stop and snap pictures of the Cheyappara Waterfall and Valara Falls, which are around 50 kilometres (km) before Munnar, Kerala. We travelled from Kochi to Munnar for around 4.5 hours. Our accommodations were booked at The Planet Munnar Resort, a magnificent resort. In every way, this property impressed and pleased us. The resort is situated in a prime area in Munnar, Kerala. We headed off for sightseeing after checking in.

MunnarWe began our trip by visiting the Tea Gardens, which are so stunning and enthralling that it was difficult to stop shooting pictures because each new location seemed more picturesque than the last. A documentary on Munnar and the background of the Tea estate is shown. After that, they demonstrate in the demo area how the factory processes the tea to create many sorts, such as Green, Black, and CTC Tea. Here you can get several tea kinds. We continued on to Top Station after visiting the Tea Museum. The highest point in Munnar is at Top Station, which is roughly 40 kilometres from Munnar. From Top station, the view of the mountains and clouds is very breathtaking. Top Station is not in Kerala but rather in Tamil Nadu. The cool breeze and fog made it clear that the temperature had changed as we began to ascend in the high-range hills.

We opted to visit Top Station first, so we didn't stop at the other spots along the way. The road leading to Top Station is in terrible shape. The next stop was at Kolukkumalai. You will be enthralled by India's offerings after visiting Kolukkumalai. We were taken aback by how quiet and serene the Kolukkumalai was when we first arrived there as if no one had ever heard of it. Our trip was made incredibly beautiful and unforgettable by our driver, the food, the scenery, the people, the hotels, and the sum of all of these wonderful experiences. Our trip to Munnar was incredible and a memorable one!


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