A Mesmerizing Journey to Paniyeliporu which has Lasting Memories

We a group of 60 people envisaged a plan to visit Kerala during September 2019. It was tough and laborious work to gather everybody to select an ideal location. We heard a lot about the Great Periyar River , running across the state of Kerala its Tributaries and Its adjoining magnificent destinations. On a further close study, many revelations have surfaced. We got a complete picture of Paniyelporu on the bank of river Periyar from our Tour Company, Kerala.comTravel Division. The facility's advantages and convenience of the Whispering waters, one of the leading resorts there were also furnished by our Tour Company and also got some data about it from other sources.

Accordingly, we finally decided to go to the Whispering Waters resort Paniyeliporu, not very far from the Cochin city (65 km). All of us reached the beautiful resort at around 10.00 is...And had a delicious breakfast. It was a proper south Indian breakfast everybody enjoyed. The resort officials gave us almost all the rooms even though the check-in time was 12.00 noon. With a little bit of tiredness, we all checked into our rooms & got fresh up. Our next destination was to Paniyeliporu, through a pathway along the riverside. We had a good trek at Paniyeliporu. Many of us enjoyed the trekking experience and had taken beautiful photographs of the lovely ambiance. We had a bit of a drizzle on the way and it was really soothing and enjoyable.

The group came back to the resort and had mouth-watering lunch. The menu includes, chicken, fish, Kerala special side dishes, rice, sambar, thoran,avial etc. After the heavy lunch, everyone went on for a bit of a nap. We had a good time at the swimming pool at around 4.30 pm, played different types of team activities in the evening.6.30 we all had tea& snacks and proceeded for a bath. Around 7.30 pm everybody again gathered at the banquet hall for our recreational activities. Few of our members performed some shows. Few sang songs, done some skits, dance, etc. Then it was time for Gala dinner. It was great fun and enjoyment for the team. All of us enjoyed the activities very much.

Later we went on to sleep around 2 am. The second-day kick-off after breakfast. The entire group had gone to visit the Abhayaranyam…(elephant training camp & deer park). We could see around 8-10 elephants and many numbers of deers. Happy to click a few selfies & photos.After spending almost 1.5hrs at the camp and we returned to the resort for lunch. After lunch, we packed our bags and Luggage and checked out the resort by 1.30 pm.

We had a very lovely and memorable and mesmerizing time at the Whispering Waters Resort. The staff and the management were very supportive and cooperative and we enjoyed their hospitality. The following are also our observations about the property and based on our stay there. The great Periyar River reflects many characteristics along its long eventful journey. There are areas of Periyar where it is quite wide, then it takes twists and turns and it cuts through thick green tropical forests runs through huge rocks and pebbles. As it reaches the wooded forest area of Paniely Village, it forms a character not seen anywhere else. The flow of Periyar that were separated and branched upstream converge here to form brutal undercurrents.

This area has been popularly known for generations as the Panielyporu as many branches are meeting together here. The Periyar flows from East to West flows through Malayattoor, Kalady Edamalayar and Perumbavoor etc places Panielyporu is a unique phenomenon of Periyar where it becomes both ferocious as well as serene at the same time. Here at Paniyelporu, a peace-filled and classy riverfront luxury retreat named Whispering Waters is located within a jungle of prodigious teak trees with the panoramic Periyar embellishing its background Whispering Waters is located between Kodanad Elephant Rearing Centre and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary.

Just a mere 30 minutes of scenic drive from the Kochi International Airport through cool green rubber plantations and rustic village roads will take you to this amazingly peace-filled and unexploited part of Panielyporu. The resort features 20 elegantly furnished rooms with private balconies, a large swimming pool, conference hall, multi-cuisine dining, and a host of other environmentally friendly activities along its picturesque river trails. The view of the foreground from any part of the resort is soothing and fascinating, with the flowing river in the front and the picturesque Western Ghats beyond.

The compound is fairly large, providing plenty of space to walk around and enjoy raw nature. There is a well-maintained garden (buffalo grass lawn) and tall teak trees form a cool canopy over the resort units within the compound. The large swimming pool can give you superb enjoyment and keep you refreshed especially on sunny days. The banks of the river provide excellent pockets to relax or enjoy picnics.

During the hot summer, the entire area around the 'Poru' is very cool and refreshing due to the lush tropical vegetation. Throughout the year, excepting the heavy downpours of the monsoon season, you can walk around the river banks and in summer you can cross the river half way by walking on top of rocks. Stepping between the strata of rock formation requires care. Early morning atmosphere here at Whispering Waters is truly heavenly with the naturally well-fabricated songs composed and recited by a variety of birds; of which a few are quite rare. Have your fully charged camera ready at all times. The entire area provides opportunities for photography throughout the day. Whispering Waters is ideal for private retreat and family gatherings. Also, discover the great possibilities here for MICE activities.

Our next destination was Athirappally water falls. Athirapilly is situated in Athirappily Panchayat of 9-Trichur District. The River Leading To The waterfall originates From Western Ghats. It is the biggest water fall in Kerala. It has a depth of 80 feet and width around 330 Feet. It is also nicknamed as Niagara of India. It has Been Featured in many of the movies. We spend around 1-hour clicking photos and videos of the beautiful waterfall and enjoyed its Enchanting nature. It was time for us to bid farewell to God's Own Country. We had our dinner packed off for the return journey and to Chennai. Everyone enjoyed the trip and thrilled with great excitement and happiness and Hats off with beautiful memories. We wish to come back to Kerala again to enjoy such beautiful destinations of God's Own Country.


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