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Athirapilly waterfalls, a very popular and scenic picnic spot located near Chalakudy township of Trichur district in Kerala, presents a stunning visual extravagance to visitors. The twin waterfalls of Athirapilly-Vazhachal are situated on the edge Sholayar forest ranges, just 5 kms apart.This shimmering cascade of silvery water, falls from a height of approximately 80 mts to join the Chalakudy river below.

The Athirapilly falls are located amidst dense forests and the entire region looks ‘picture-perfect’ in every way. You will first catch a glimpse of the waterfall as you drive along the road leading to the falls. You can have a spectacular view from the top of the Athirapilly waterfalls when you walk through the rock pathway that leads from the main entrance. And for those with an adventurous streak, there is a third fantastic view from the bottom of the Athirapilly waterfalls which can be reached with a little bit of trekking on slippery mountain trails. It’s a beautiful trail and you can relish the water from the falls sprinkling all over you. The view of the entire landscape at Athirapilly is amazing.

Spectacular view

Athirapilly is a beautiful picnic spot where you can enjoy nature in all her splendor and majesty. But the falls can be treacherous, especially during the monsoons due to the slippery grounds, changing currents and the presence of huge rocks.

The Chalakudy river, which flows through the Vazhachal Forest Division, becomes a powerful waterfallAthirapilly. The forest division has 5 territorial ranges - Athirapilly, Charpa, Vazhachal, Kollathirumedu and Sholayar. The river which runs its course smoothly in the higher ranges of the mountains, turns furious near the Ittyani rock and gushes down huge rocks in three paths in Athirapilly. This rumble and tumble of the river from a height of nearly 80 mts is indeed a sight to behold. The river is blocked by a dam down below at Imburmuzhi and the water is used to irrigate nearby agricultural lands.

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