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Kochi has a multi-cultural identity, as people from various parts of the world have made this city of Kerala their home. Therefore, Kochi culture has many facets, which have completely different identities. There are a number of festivals which form an important part of Kochi culture .Staring from the Cochin Carnival with a western flavor to the Vishu of a contrasting ethnic character, and the multi cultural tone of Onam, the festivals reflect this persity of culture in Kochi. Other important facets of the culture of Kochi include its literature and other art forms, cuisine and various shopping items including antique items, which are in demand in the city.

The Malayalam literature is one of the most important segments of the culture at Kochi. In the later part of the 19th century, many genres of Malayalam literature have flourished including essays on a variety of subjects, poems, translation works, journals, novels and dramas.

Kathakali is one of the most popular art forms in Kochi. The dance drama of Kathakali is performed mainly with the help of hand expressions. These are assisted by facial expressions including the expressions of the eyes.

A variety of cuisines is available at Kochi. The specialty of the Kochi Cuisine is the seafood delicacies including the popular dish called the Fish Curry of Kerala. Kochi non vegetarian cuisine contains truly salivating delectable delicacies that are very mildly flavored yet scrumptious.The delightfully delicious dishes making up the traditional vegetarian sadya is equally mouth watering.

There are quite a few good shopping items at Kochi including metal ware, carvings on the bones of camels and carvings on wood.

Most of the festivals of Kochi are associated closely with the socio-cultural life of Kerala and the Malayalee culture.

Onam is one of the most popular festivals at Kochi in Kerala. The Onam is held to celebrate the season of harvest. The time of the Malayalam year when this festival is celebrated is the month of Chingam. The corresponding month in the English calendar is either September or October. The celebrations of Onam may be held for ten days at a stretch with numerous cultural pageantry shows and carnivals.Onam is a colourful festival.

Vishu is one of the most well known festivals in Kochi. This festival of Kochi is organized in the month of Medam in the Malayalam calendar. This month corresponds with either April or March according to the English calendar. Vishu is held to celebrate the advent of a new year and is considered the harvest festival of Kerala.It is a festival of flowers and flower carpet competitions.

Cochin Carnival is one of the important Kochi festivals. It is not linked with the traditional Malayalam culture. It has its lineage in the celebration of the New Year of the Portuguese, when they came to colonize India. The Cochin carnival is held in the last seven days of the year. The festival is mainly celebrated at the renowned Fort Kochi.

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