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Kasaragod, the northernmost district of Kerala, is a magical land of forts, rivers and beaches. Bounded by the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, this land unfurls a rich diversity of landscapes. Tranquil backwaters, virgin forests teeming with exotic wildlife, lush hillsides, plantations...However, what really dominates the varied tourist attractions here is the magnificent 300 year old Bekal Fort that serves as an ideal adventure zone for adventurous travelers. Sprawled across a headland that runs into the Arabian Sea at the main beach, this fort exudes an old world charm that is spellbinding.

Kasaragod is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea and was once the gateway to the Malabar Coast. The long coastline is dotted with some sensational palm-fringed virgin beaches washed by the pleasant tropical sun and soothing waves. You can enjoy spectacular sunsets here. Bekal Fort Beach offers a spectacular view of the imposing Bekal Fort and has ample facilities for recreation and relaxation. This beach has been developed as a pubic beach by the Corporation with required facilities.

Adventurous activities

Remote and secluded, the beautiful palm-fringed Kappil beach is fast becoming a major tourist attraction in Kasaragod. The Kodi cliff nearby offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. The sea has formed a large swimming pool-like formation on the beach of Kanwatheertha near Manjeswaram.Pandiyan Kallu is a rock rising in the sea about 2 km from the Trikkannad Temple, Pandiyan Kallu and is an ideal spot for adventurous swimmers. Legend has it that the ship of one of the Pandiya Kings who attacked the Trikkannad Temple was converted into a rock.

Kasaragod is blessed with a dozen estuaries. 14 rivers crisscross the district, nourishing the verdant landscape and networking it with shimmering waterways. You can holiday beside the balmy backwaters, cruise on them, savour exotic fresh water catch and avail of other exciting watersport adventure facilities at Valiyaparamba, Chandragiri, etc.

Kasaragod is an evergreen magic world of hill stations. The tropical jungles on these mist-clad hills are home to exotic wildlife, including some endangered species. Punctuating the lush landscapes one finds tinkling streams and breathtaking waterfalls.All these make Kasaragod a fascinating adventure destination.

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