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Kottayam is an important commercial centre of Kerala, India, thanks to its strength as a producer of cash crops. Most of Indias natural rubber originates from the acres of well-kept plantations of Kottayam, also home to the Rubber Board, One of the countrys primary commodities board. Kottayam, among the states more mountainous districts, provides some of Keralas finest natural scenes sandwiched as it is between serene palm-fringed backwaters on the west and the Western ghats on the east.

The present district of Kottayam was part of erstwhile princely state of Travancore. The Travancore state consisted of two revenue pisions viz., the South and the North, under the administrative control of a pan Peshkar for each. Later, in 1868, two more pisions, Quilon and Kottayam, were constituted. The fifth pision - Devikulam, came next but for a short period, which in course of time was made part of Kottayam.

Kottayam is the first town in India to achieve cent percent literacy. According to the 1991 census, the literacy percentage of the district is 90.52. The district has been maintaining its lead till the state achieved total literacy, subsequently. About 96% of the people of the District speak Malayalam as their mother tongue. Only 2.5% of the people speak Tamil as their mother tongue.

The Christians of Kottayam have several ceremonies which bear resemblance to those of the Hindus. Corresponding to Namakaranam ceremony is the Baptism of the Christians. There are ceremonies connected with Chorunu. Ariyiliruthu corresponds to the Vidyarambham of the Hindus.

Among the Muslims when a child is born a mullah is called and he lifts up the child and recites in its ears the the call to prayer ( Vanku). The child is given pure gold diluted in honey like a paste. (This practice is followed by most of the Keralites.) The marka kalyanam or sunnath kalyanam is performed in the twelfth year when all Muslims are circumcised.

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