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Palakkad (the other name Palghat is a contribution of the British Raj) is prime among Keralas most picturesque districts, thanks to its distinctive palmyra trees and extensive green paddy fields. Palakkad has probably the biggest mountain pass in the world (30-40 Kms) separating the two folds of the Western Ghats on the border of Kerala with Tamil Nadu. Palakkad is rightfully therefore known as the Gateway of Kerala, giving the rest of India access to the State. For precisely the same reasons, Palakkad had to bear the brunt of invasions from the bordering kingdoms in the past. It’s therefore no wonder that this place is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic denominations enriching its life, art, tradition & culture.

Palakkad has a vivid cultural tradition. Thunjathu Ramanujam Ezhuthachan, widely accepted as the father of Malayalam literature spent his last days at Chittur in this district. Kunjan Nambiar, the most famous of all Malayalam poets and the founder of thullal , a purely Kerala art form, was born in a small village in this district. Many other noted exponents of varied art forms like Chakkiar Koothu, Kathakali, Thullal etc.. which are intrinsically Kerala art forms, found encouragement and inspiration at Palakkad. Most noted of all perhaps is the exponent of Carnatic Music late Sri Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagawathar, the legendary guru of ganagandharvan KJ Jesudoss. Likewise Palakkad Mani Iyer was known the world over for his mastery over the mridangam, the drum so central to Carnatic music.

Palakkad is also a place of temple festivals. The temples that dot the landscape have carved their own niche in the art & culture of this region.

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