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Palakkad is home to a thriving Tamilian community. Palakkad Tamilians have evolved a distinct cultural tradition of their own, which represents a mixture of the best Tamil and Keralite traditions. Palakkad Tamils have also evolved their own style of cookery. Palakkad cuisine is a very local tradition, and most of the home recipes remain secluded within the family and are passed on from generation to generation.

Palakkad brahmins follow their own culture which is unique and unforgettable.Even the menfolk there are good cooks and have no problem managing on their own. The city serves some of the best recipes of the world. The people of Palakkad are vegetarians but there are some non vegetarians too. Their staple food is rice. Rasam, Sambhar, Koottucurry,Injippuli, and varieties of pickles and “vatthals” are popular here. Madhura dosa, Ada,Vatthal Kozhambu, Kozhukkatta, Sukhiyan etc form the special delicacies of the place.

The special recipes are served on special occasions such as weddings, religious functions and get-togethers.Some of the most popular vegetarian dishes are Olan, Rasakalan, Kalan, Erisseri, varieties of Prathamans, Pulingari Mulagoshiam and Molaguvellam which is nothing but mulligatawny.

These recipes are mainly cooked with coconut oils and coconut pieces. Rice powder is a common agent of thickening the dishes and Tuvar dal is used normally with all the dishes. Green chilies are commonly used to spice up the recipe.Sweetmeats like Laddu, Boondi, Ravakesari, Mysorepak and Jalebi, as well as snacks like Thatta, Ribbon Pokkavada, Murukku and Cheeda form the favourite food items which are used on all occasions.

Nellikka arachu kalakki, Pavakka pitla, Arachchuvitta sambhar, Rasavangi, Palada pradhaman, Idichchupizhinja payasam, etc are exclusive Palakkadan items, authentic pattar dishes that taste delicious!Why, did you know that even the ubiquitous masala dosa is an authentic pattar dish?!

The food here is closely linked with the history of Palakkad community and the traditions associated with the community. Even the cooking of other communities like Palakkad chettiars are influenced by the traditional Tamilian way of cooking.

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