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In general , regarding cuisine, rice is the staple food of the people in Thrissur. Among the Hindus, the Nair , Ezhavas and such other castes are not generally vegetarians, though some individual members may avoid non-vegetarian food. There is no great difference in the dietary habits and cuisine of the Christians and Muslims in Thrissur. The routine diet in a family consists of breakfast , lunch, tiffin and supper. Kanji or rice gruel with some vegetable curry and pickles formed the main breakfast until very recently in almost all families, but it has now been replaced by tea, coffee or other beverages taken along with dishes like Dosa , Iddali, Poori, Chappathi and Uppuma.Puttu taken alongwith Kadalakkari and Appam or Idiyappam taken alongwith vegetable or non-vegetarian (chicken/mutton) stew is a favourite breakfast item.

Boiled rice

The lunch is always substantial ,the most important items of the menu being cooked rice of Choru, special curries and butter milk.Parboiled rice is used here instead of Kaccha or raw rice.Another speciality of the Thrissur cuisine is that in all culinary preparations coconut oil is freely used instead of gingli or mustard oil used in other parts of India . The tiffin in the afternoon consists of a cup of tea or coffee and some sweet or savoury. The supper which is taken after sunset consists either of Kanji or similar items as for lunch.When there was acute scarcity of rice in the wake of the Second World war, Wheat was used as a substitute for rice. Preparations of wheat such as Poori , Chappathi and Uppuma are becoming popular part of the cuisine in Thrissur nowadays. Owing to the poor cattle wealth of the District, milk is used only by richer sections of the community. Pickles of mango , cherunaranga (lime fruit ), nellikka (the fruit of phyllanthus emblica), etc are popular. The condiments generally used are turmeric, pepper, fenugreek, ginger, cardamom , cloves , spices , chilli , mustard , onion, garlic etc. Hydrogenated oils like Vanaspathi are seldom used.

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