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Wayanad, the green paradise instantly draws a picture of a vast stretch of green land. The sobriquet itself oozes tremendous freshness. The natural beauty of Kerala is the best, you will say to yourself as you set out exploring its hills, waterfalls, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries. These gifts of nature do not merely have a balmy effect on your tired soul, rather they give you a kind of happiness that is simply indescribable.Wayanad remains a pleasing sight after the Kerala monsoon showers which give it a fresher and greener look.

Elated, you look out for ways to entertain yourself. And Wayanad doesnt disappoint you since it has plenty to offer. The very nature destinations that soothed your soul a little while ago now transform themselves and present opportunities to become adventurous.Wayanad gets a romantic feel during the monsoon in Kerala.

So, undertake a trekking expedition to the peaks, boating rounds in the lakes, game viewing in the sanctuaries and have a close look at the carvings of the caves. When you are free from all this, visit the revered temples of the region that each have their own story to make them special. Then, there are museums too to unravel the history of the place before you.

Monsoon waterfall

With so many options, you will not have time to miss your home.It’s well worth taking a break during the holidays or during the monsoon in Kerala. Infact, you might just love to extend your holidays and allow yourself to be pampered by the gentle gust of wind and mild splashing of water and the cool summer drizzle.Or during monsoon, the splish-splash of water beating on the roof or pouring down into the four corners of the courtyard with a cool whiff of air blowing around is all worth the visit.

The Chethalayam Falls is a not well known fall in Wayanad yet there is no denying that it is extremely beautiful. The fall is 37 km from Kalpetta, 12 km from Sultan Bathery and 54 km from Meppady and offers wonderful opportunity to trek its rocks. The Soochipara fall is 22 km from Kalpetta and is perhaps the most attractive one around. The three layered fall, also known as the Sentinel Rock Falls, is situated amidst thick equatorial forests and you will need to undertake a 1-2 km walk to reach it. On reaching, as you look up, the striking scene of the fall hits you almost instantly. The Kanthanpara Waterfalls are comparatively smaller in both size and attraction, still it makes for a popular picnic spot. The water here falls from a height of 30 m. The Meenmutty cascade, hot favourite, falls from a great height of 1000 m and exhibits a triple decker effect. The fall lies 29 km from Kalpetta and 12 km from Meppady.

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