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The ayurvedic treatment facilities in and around Idukki district are aplenty.Homestay accommodation alongwith rejuvenayion therapies are available at Marayoor.These centres are well equipped to provide the best ayurvedic facilities to the tourists. The ayurvedic facilities at Marayoor comprise of staffs that are well qualified, who offer refreshing and comforting therapies for treating any kind of ailment. Expert and special advice can be taken from the in-house ayurvedic physicians available at these places.Exclusive treatment is provided depending on the nature of the ailment or the demand for some rejuvenating therapy. These ayurvedic treatments are a combination of massages, oil baths, steam baths and diet. This kind of treatment helps the nerves to relax. By these methods, the tourists can get relief from the stress of their daily life and also from different kinds of ailment. The tourists get to choose from a wide range of treatment and therapies that refresh and rejuvenate.  

Meditation is an activity which is associated with ayurveda.It’s said to bring about desirable changes in the body and mind for a total sense of well being.According to experts, the area of the brain that feels the greatest effects of meditation is one thats associated with happiness and positive feelings. This ties in well with other research and centuries of anecdotal evidence that say meditation helps relax us, release pent up stress, and makes us feel more at peace.For these reasons meditation is included in the treatment schedule of the visitors going in for ayurveda. Meditation is said to benefit people with heart problems or blood pressure, increasing their exercise tolerance and improving general heart health. Exercising the mind deliberately this way is also thought to help elderly people who are beginning to lose their mental facility. Other definite effects of meditation are a reduction in heart rate, respiration and other signs of stress through routine meditative practice.

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