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Ayurveda has become synonymous with the heritage way of healthcare in Kerala. Palakkad boasts of holding the true essence of the tradition of Kerala in the field of practising Ayurveda.In places like the Kalari Kovilakam Palace at Kollengode, Ayurveda is practised in its original form without tampering it to suit the modern times by diluting or reinventing it. The Ayurvedic facilities here include several ayurvedic therapies and the medical personnel who are always ready to provide the best advice to the individual as to the therapy package they should opt for getting their disease cured.

The amazing setting amidst paddy fields and the pleasant climate of Palakkad in Kerala gives the tourists more of a holistic feeling of relaxation. Such wonderful locations amidst the natural beauty of Kerala make these ayurveda packages a soothing delightful experience in Palakkad.

The treatments in ayurveda focusses on bringing back the normalcy of functions of the different organ systems present in the body.The method is a process of changing the condition through various steps and thereby establish the equilibrium of the three humours-vata, pittha and kapha.

The treatments in ayurveda can be classified into eight divisions.They include different kinds of therapies like medicated oil massage, preventive aspects like curative purifification process using herbal medicines such as juice of wet herbs, herbal pastes(kalka), kashayams(herbal decoctions), medicated oils, medicated butter and ghee preparations, arishtams(fermented preparations) etc.

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