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Aranmula is traditional Village in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala.It is about 110KM north of Trivandrum ,the State Capital and 125 Km south of Cochin. Aranmula is famous for its handicraft, the Aranmula Metal Mirror and also as a cultural tourism centre. Every year, tourists from Australia, Canada, England, Switzerland and other European countries visit this place.

The famous Aranmula Kannady is made in this village here by the traditional craftsmen and it is a cottage industry. It is not made of glass but with bell metal. This is a unique art which is not found any where else in the world. Its technique is handed down from generation to generation by practice and no written records are available.


The Aranmula Metal Mirror is a unique object, mysterious in its creation, unequalled in its beauty. The metal mirror, a Dravidian marvel in the annals of metallurgy was in vogue long before the appearance of todays Silicon synthetic glass mirror.It was in use only in far off Egypt and Bagdad. Its creation is still a closely guarded secret, known to just a few local families of master craftsmen.

Aranmula Metal Mirror manufacturing as a handicraft, was staged in the early 18th century. It represents a fascinating area of culture and technological curiosity. The origin of the metal mirror of Aranmula is closely connected with the Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple which is deemed to be the nerve centre cf Pamba valley civilization.

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