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Kerala, the land of beaches, sand and coconut trees is a top tourist locale scoring high on its exquisite shopping hubs. A country rich in heritage and tradition has a plethora of elegantly etched out and woven handicrafts like coconut shell handicrafts, metal inlaid artifacts, coir products, and wood art that are huge hits with the hordes of backpackers who make a beeline for the serene backwaters all round the year. Besides cruising along the calm sun kissed and moon lit stretches, they stack their bags with collector’s items that accentuates the beauty of their house décor.

Coconut shell craft is one of the traditional handicrafts of the Kerala artisans. It does not come as a surprise as the recurring vision of God’s Own Country is swaying coconut and palm trees. Aesthetics and expertise are prerequisites for the successful accomplishment of coconut shell craft. It is very difficult to carve out exquisite patterns on its tough exterior. Those of you who are interested to visit the destinations that houses the artisans of coconut shell craft, Calicut is your address. Cherthala is another place known for engaging in this craft.

The multi utility nut is used to carve out gorgeous collectibles like sugar containers, boxes in different shapes and sizes, show pieces embellished with brass edgings that is sure to send you on a shopping spree. The brass embellishments are believed to have been the influence of Arabia and the remnants of their commercial enterprises in Kerala. The highly gifted artisans carve out magnificent handicrafts with edge tools designed for the purpose.

Besides the shell, coconut is also used to churn out coir products that are also among coveted collector’s items.These coconut shell wonders form part of God’s own crafts that are exquisite masterpieces from Kerala’s craftsmen and artisans from Cherthala and Calicut .

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