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Astrology is a noble science from the ages of Vedas. This was founded, investigated and developed by the wise maharishis, ancient sages of Vedic times. Among them Aryabhatta ,Maharishi Parashara,Varaha Mihira, Garga, and Kalidasa are known for their contributions in astronomy, astrology etc. The origin of this science can go back as old as at least 4000 years.

If the Maharishis can exactly determine the longitudes of planets, constellations, signs, shape of earth, arrival of important comets etc with their “pya drishty” (the pine power obtained by their yoga) without having telescopes or any of the modern equipments, why can they not interpret the nature of impending events that can happen to human life ? They have taken celestial objects for this interpretation of human life because they believe that they are always changing their position due to which human life is influenced. Planets at birth for a particular person will not be same for another person.The prediction is scientifically done, based on accurate calculations.

Kerala astrology is widely appreciated by people from across the world and today workshops and conferences on the subject abound in the state and outside. There are astrologers and researchers all around the globe practising Kerala astrology.Palakkad and nearby areas have plenty of astrologers extensively researching on the subject and practising it.

Earlier there was scepticism about Indian astrology, but there was deep interest too.Westerners today are interested in astrology and vasthu, as much as in Indian philosophy and spirituality. Interest in Indian astrology began during the eighties and could be attributed to gurus like the late Mahesh Yogi who has preached and demonstrated the different aspects of the subject in a scientific manner.

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