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Agama Sastra
In Agama Sastra, the science relating to the construction of temples, Vaasthu is considered as the basis for any type of construction. Vedavyasa in his Mahabharata, the great epic, had mentioned that the root cause of the great battle was due to the fact that the Mahasabha, the Royal Assembly, built by Maya, the divine architect, was in the shape of a square each side measuring 10, 000 cubits based on Vaasthu.Kerala has been a resouce base for the study and practice of astrology since time immemorial.Especially Trichur has become the nodal point for the spread of astrology and vasthu in Kerala.


Scientifically based

History starts with the civilization of man. The civilization had commenced with the construction of cities, houses and mansions. Hence Vaasthu happens to be the basic element of civilization. The excavations at Harappa and Mohenjodaro indicated amply the influence of Vaasthu on Indus valley civilization. In 4th century A.D. during the regime of Varahamihira, the Brahma Vaasthu Sastra was said to be in vogue.Kerala is an authority on vasthu shasthra and has been consistently practising it through various exponents of the subject who have done research on its various aspects.  

The development of Vaasthu in India as tradition can be traced in three regions:

Vesara Desa

Dravida Desa

Naga Desa

Vaasthu propounded by Maya,the divine architect, was in vogue in Vesara Desa, the land between Vindhya mountains and the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra. Vaasthu enunciated by the saint Bhrugu was adopted in Dravida region comprising South India. Vaasthu preached by saint Kasyapa was widely followed in Naga Desa, area between Vindhya mountains and Himalayas.Kerala preaches and practises its own unique tradition of astrology and vasthu lineage.

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