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The science of construction of towns, temples, mansions and houses on Vaasthu (the earth), is called Vaasthu Vidya. The term Vaasthu is derived from the word Vasa, meaning habitat. In "Amara Kosa" the Sanskrit dictionary, Vast is referred to as the site fit for construction of a residence. Hence, the science pertaining to the construction of houses came to be known as Vasthu vidya.Kerala follows its own inimitable style of vasthu vidya.

According to Bhavishyottara Purana, the epic depicting the future,every one must have an ideal house fit for residence. It also states that the rituals and ceremonies performed by people residing in rented accommodation do not yield desired results. According to Varaha Purana, an ancient epic, a king named Sankhu was able to regain his lost empire by performing penance on a hill situated to the west of the lake near his palace, on the advice of Aakasavani, the celestial voice. This goes to say that there must be an elevated terrain in the west. The stories and anecdotes in epics may seem to be legendary but the contents are based on hard facts. That is why the great saints(Rishis) had referred to Vaasthu as a means to human welfare.There are very many knowledgeable people on this art and science of vasthu in Kerala, especially in the areas rich in culture like Guruvayur.

The ancient version of the science of Vaasthu was confined to the construction of royal palaces, temples, fabulous edifices possessing steps studded with gems, pearls, diamonds and having gold plated keosks etc. But since change is the law of nature, the concept of Vaasthu has also undergone a change over a period. With the advent of democracy in place of dictatorship, the royal palaces were replaced by the common dwellings. The life style of the common man became the cynosure of scientific pursuit and the efforts of research made by the modern Vaasthu scientist are mainly intended at the sophistication and comfort of human life, to meet the challenges of modernisation.Kerala, with its in depth knowledge of this ancient topic, is proud to be a leading model in vasthu shasthra today.

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