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Vythiri, environed by the lofty Western Ghats, is a hill station of bewildering beauty situated in the northern Wayanad district of Kerala. This mesmerizing place lures tourists for its mist-enveloped soaring peaks, olive foliage, copious spice and rubber plantations, tea and coffee gardens, evergreen rain forests with diversified flora and fauna, spell-binding white foamy waterfalls, sparkling streamlets and romantic stays at tree-top houses and resorts.

Vythiri hill station has a renowned wildlife sanctuary and the serene ambience is sometimes interrupted by the resonating sound of wild animals and birds. Situated far from the dirt and grime of the city, the hill station of Vythiri rejuvenates your tired senses. This charming rocky land is elevated 1300m above the sea level, just above the Thamarassery Ghat and is located at about 100 km from Kozhikode.

Tree houses

The best time to visit the hill station of Vythiri is during the Kerala monsoons, i.e. May to September ,which enhances the beauty of the Western Ghats. As Vythiri hill station houses the Evergreen Rain Forests, it is rich in wildlife characteristic of evergreen forests. There is dense undergrowth, thick foliage; mosses and lichens cover the trunks of trees and there are a large number of pine, conifer and fir trees. Wild animals like Nilgiri langur, thrush and Malabar squirrel frequent the branches of the trees at the hill station at Vythiri. The small streams and waterbodies at Vythiri hill station sustain a wide assortment of wildlife including colorful insects and birds.

One of the charming tourist attractions at Vythiri hill station is the tree- house. Small lodgings made of wood are perched at the top of the trees of tropical rain forests above 90 ft from the ground. You can spend some unforgettable and adventurous time by viewing the fabulous sight of the scarlet setting sun, the bird’s eye view of the entire wild habitat, the peculiar activities of the frolicking animals and birds and the awe-inspiring views of the mist-garbed mountain peaks surrounding Vythiri hill station. Staying at the towering tree-houses at the hill station of Vythiri will increase your bond with nature.

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