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Parappanangadi has been a seat of history and religion all along.Vallikkunnu is a village in Malappuram district in the state of Kerala, coming under Thirurangadi thaluk.The northern boundary is kadalundi panchayath and southern side with Parappanangadi panchayath.

This pilgrimage destination of Vallikunnu Panchayath came into existence in 1962.Vallikunnu got its name after the river "Valliyar", which flowed encompassing the hilly area. This gramam got place in many old literatures of Kerala. Ullur S Parameswara Iyer mentioned in his great work "Kerala Sahithya Charithram", that the "Valli Gramam" referred in "Basha Naishadam Chambu" of Mazhmangalam is Vallikunnu Desam. This Desam was under the administration of the Royal Family of Parappanad. The Monarchy of Parappanad kingdom led to the development of this village. The Head Quarters of Parappanad Kovilakam was in Neduva village of Parappanangadi panchayath. We can see the remains of Parappanad palace, Oottupura, and Kolappura in Neduva village. For administration purpose this place had been divided into five "Tharakoottangal" by the rulers. This tharakoottangal was centered on Siva temples. These Tharakoottams are: 1. Vallikunnu(Thekkil SivaTemple) 2. Mannur( Mannur Siva Temple) 3. Chelembra (Elannummal Siva Temple) 4. Thenhipalam(Pappannur Siva Temple) 5. Vennayoor(Vennayoor Siva Temple)

According to some historians, ancestors of Velu Thampi Dalava belong to Vallikunnu, and later they migrated to Tiruvithamkur. The old port named Thindis belongs to vallikunnu. Now the place is known as Kadalundi Nagaram. It is to be believed that the birth place of A.R. Raja Raja Varma, the famous Malayalam Pandit was in Vallikunnu.

History and religion

Niramkaitha Kotta Sastha Temple is an important pilgrim centre of Malabar.The Ayyappa temple is thought to be about thousand years old. The temple is one among the most important Dharma Sastha temples of Malabar region. The Pattulsavam in every Makaram(a month in Kolla varsham ) is performed in the premise of this temple with special rituals and ‘Seeveli’.Monkeys abound in this pilgrimage place. The well which provides the holy water (theertham) to the temple is said to have some special features.

A few feet higher than this temple is situated the famous Mekkotta Bhagavathi Temple located on the top of a hill. One can feel the beauty and solitude around the place offering mental relaxation while on a visit for worship. The vast forested hillside, the peak of the hill and the river which flows round the hill form a really wonderful sight.

The armory and training centre of Parappanadu Kingdom was situated in the place where Mekkotta Bhagavathy Temple now exists. The remains like tunnels and trenches seen around Mekkotta Temple are evidences for this. According to some historians, ancestors of Velu Thampi Dalava belong to Vallikunnu, and later they migrated to Tiruvithamkur.

Paliyapuram church and Malaparamba church are two important Christian pilgrimage centres in Parappanangadi in Malappuram district.Panakkad, 6 Km from malappuram in Malappuram-Parappanangadi road, is an important spiritual center for the Muslims of Kerala, Ten Km. away from Malappuram, between Anakkayam and Manakada, is poonkudi Mana, famous for the traditional method of treatment of mental illness. Seminars on modern treatment and traditional styles are conducted here. Poonkudi Thalappoli is a Hindu religious festival of this mana.

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